Welcome to Eka Heights, where we created houses so you can create homes. Where we created parks so you can create memories. And where we created security so that you can create your own peace of mind. When it comes to creation we’ve got the bases covered.

Welcome to your space for creation.

Need space? We’ve got 371 acres of it. You need space to live and grow. We got it. All thoughtfully crafted to perfection with greenery, nearby amenities, and stylish homes. You’ll be shouting ‘Eureka!

If nature is what you’re looking for, then look no further. We’ve placed a 15-acre Mageka Park right in the centre of Eka Heights. And you want a bit of wonder too? We’ve got giant rabbits, a massive swing, and a bunch of other marvels that’ll get your mind and body running with wonder.

Located in Eka Heights, Mageka Park is a 15-acre family paradise, with a serene 8-acre lake park, offering a blend of fun and tranquility. Enjoy picturesque picnic spots, a whimsical tree house, lush trails, and sports courts. There’s even the convenience of in-residence shops and business hubs for the community. It’s the perfect place for unforgettable family moments.

Watch This Mageka Park Discovery Video

Strategically located to connect you with everything you need, it’s your time to paint your masterpiece and shape your future at Eka Heights.

I want to REKA my own style of living

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